How to Use Red, Yellow and Blue to Boost Your Emotions, Your Business and Your Natural Beauty

Colour is all around us. It would be very boring if we lived only in a black and white world. Colour adds interest, excitement, relaxation and individuality to our lives.

It is a visual language that we all respond to. Not everyone has learnt to tap into the unspoken emotional power of colour. When you travel or look at images from other parts of the world, it is interesting to let go of your learned responses and notice how other cultures and environments interpret the meaning of the same colours.

Red, yellow and blue are the basis from which all the colours are created. They are called the primary colours. On a colour wheel which usually contains twelve colours, the primary colours are evenly spaced - four apart.

Every colour has both positive and negative emotions and perceptions attached to it.

Here is my short guide to help you use the western world's view of primary colours to boost your emotions, your business and your natural beauty.

Red - Never Passive

The colour of action, romance and anger - red is never passive.

Usually thought of as a look at me colour, it attracts extroverts as you cannot hide in a clear, strong red. Introverts and gentler people will tend towards elegant burgundy and maroon or the more grounded red earth.

If you woke up angry, I suggest you do not wear red or it is going to be a bull-fighting day. Red is the colour for women in their 60s. It goes beautifully with grey hair and reminds you that it is now time to do things for yourself.

As red is one of the primary colours, it definitely makes your business card and advertising material stand out. Finally, red is a favourite colour choice for sporting teams that want to ignite passion in their supporters.

The Very Under-rated Yellow

Sunshine, intellect, optimism and cowardice - yellow is a very emotional colour.

I have read that yellow is the colour that most women will avoid wearing. Fashion trends usually promote bright yellow which is a colour only a few women can wear successfully. Lemon highlights blond hair and a yellow tie makes the blue eyes of men look brighter. Butter yellow or golden amber look great on those with spring or autumn colouring.

Yellow is a great colour in the office for a business promoting enthusiasm, optimism or logical thinking. Your mind takes longer to recognise yellow. People look at business cards a little bit longer if they have more yellow in them than other colours. Lots of businesses combine yellow and blue to engage both sides of the brain - yellow for logical thinking and blue for communication.

Blue - a Favourite Colour of Men

Blue relates to the creative right-brain. In its positive aspects, light blue is the colour of communication and dark blue is the colour of trust. On its negative side, blue is associated with feelings of sadness and depression.

In nature blue can be cool and calming like a light blue sky and a tropical ocean or it can be cold and depressing like Antarctic ice with a foggy blue-grey sky.

Blue helps men communicate with each other and with women. Men find it easier and less stressful talking to or listening to a woman dressed in light blue. Fuchsia which is a combination of blue and pink attracts men as the message it subconsciously sends out is of a woman who is confident and easy to talk to.

Those with cool colouring in their hair, eyes and skin will generally have a preference for soft, pale or deep blue. Those with warm colouring will tend towards aqua, blue-green or blue-purple.

Finally, colour experts say that eating blue-purple foods like berries calms you down and helps you sleep well.

Go now and play with red, yellow and blue.Look, think and feel how you can add these colours to bring more of what you want into your life.

Margaret Sims is an Image Consultant and Fashion Translator. Margaret helps quiet achieving business women over 40 shine confidently in a world of noisy experts. If this is you, visit Blog for more fashion tips. At both the Blog and Margaret's website - you can sign up to get the free twice-monthly newsletter and receive your free eBook and Audio - 'Look Fabulous, Feel Confident Every Day'.

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