5 Simple School Fundraising Ideas

School spirit is more vivid with fundraising. To support a particular group, occasion, or campaign, schools and other non-profit organizations use successful fundraising events to keep the finances flowing.

Most of school fundraising helps varsity teams' subsidize uniforms and equipment. Provide better health care services for students as well as construction of important facilities of the school. The fund used in these improvements usually comes from parents and alumni funds.

Here are five simple tips that can make your school fundraising extra lucrative.

Art pieces

You can sell or set an auction for art pieces made by famous local artists. If you know someone from your school that is having a name in the art scene, you can invite him over together with his pieces to help raise funds and popularity at the same time.


Most of handicrafts are made out of recycled and cheap materials but once done and sold, can actually cost more. You can invite groups that specialize on handicraft making. Or, those moms that are not busy can give their time to the event as well. They will surely be happy to help their children and school with this type of project.


While everyone is busy with school fair, you can sell student's most favorite food. It can be cupcakes, pizza, chocolates and anything that you know they will surely like.

You can order a bulk of food to have discount. If you're a good baker or cook you can also make them yourself. Although it can be time consuming, at least you have the full control of the amount and the production of the food.


Shirt, jacket and cap are most worn apparels of students especially during school events. You can sell personalized printed shirt or even have them design their own shirt. All you need are t-shirts of any color, painting materials, silk screen for printing and of course creative mind.


Girls and boys will never skip your booth if you're selling hip and cool accessories. From necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other fashionable accessories such as scarf, belt and sunglasses. If you want to spread a particular message, you can engrave it on famous rubber bracelets and get people wear them wherever they go.

There are other that you can use in fundraising such as sports events, pageants and other contest. Meet with your group and gauge the pulse of the students and other potential customers to build a successful fundraising campaign.

Article Source: Anna_Villena


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  2. I'm in charge of my son's fundraising for his school class. I'm having the hardest time coming up with ideas of how to help and what we could do to raise money. These ideas were fantastic and I'll definitely be using them as I continue look for ideas.

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