How to Use Orange, Purple and Green to Strengthen Your Words, Actions and Natural Colouring

The world would be a boring place without colour. Most of us are visual and we instantly judge people and places through the colours we see on. Our language is full of colour words which we use to vividly describe our feelings on everything that is happening in our lives.

Colour can invoke feelings of happiness like the colours of a festival; prejudice like the different skin colour of someone we meet or daydreaming like the colours of a favourite holiday place.

Green, orange and purple are called secondary colours. They are the colours made up from two primary colours either side of them. Red and yellow create orange, red and blue create purple and blue and yellow create green.

Every colour has both positive and negative emotions and perceptions attached to it.

Here is my short guide to help you use the western world's view of secondary colours to strengthen your words, actions and natural colouring.

How to Find Model Agencies

Searching for Model Agencies

Agencies find models work by seeking and negotiating with prospective clients. Most model agencies are smaller businesses that are run by industry veterans - they hire agents who in fact interface among a model and the customers he or she works for. Each agent could have multiple models he/she might manage. This assures them of having a certain type of model a client might be looking for.

What Size Agency Are You Searching For?

In addition to the smaller agencies, you will find there are several famous giants in the organization. Ford Models and IMG Models are just a couple of the top agencies on the planet. From Christy Turlington to Kate Moss, they've managed many models and supermodels.

Here are a few hints how to find model agencies that can help you kick off your career.

* Locate an agency in the fashion capitals around the globe. Locations like Milan, Paris, New York, London, L.A,Tokyo, Rome and so on have a lot of fashion agencies and fashion creative designers who need your services. If you're not a runaway or a fashion model, you might find agencies in fairly smaller locations as well.

Soldering Jump Rings for Use in Handmade Jewellery

Jump rings are used in handmade jewellery frequently. They are simply wire which is semi-precious or precious metal, wrapped tightly around a mandrel and sawn either by hand or by an electrical saw. The result is a perfect circle.

They can be soldered on to bezel cups for displaying cabochons, attaching watch straps or forming part of the end of a chain. The list is endless and jump rings are the most versatile item in handmade jewellery. In Chainmaille jewellery, jump rings are linked together to form different patterns. Byzantine is the most common weave in the U.K. but there are many different designs. The European 4 - 1 was supposedly the weave which was used in chainmaille armour used initially by the Celts over 2000 years ago.

In chainmaille jewellery it is not common to solder the jump rings but pieces which are likely to be subject to extra strain it is provides extra strength. l solder the rings around the ring and toggle clasps on bracelets and in the lobster clasps for necklaces.