Why Do Women Have To Choose Between These Two?

An Analogy: Combat Boots and High Heels

Combat Boots and High Heels 
Picture a triangle. On one side, we have a woman wearing a pair of combat boots. Their reinforced steel toes are solid, functional and blend in with their surroundings. We are strong, demanding and bottom liners. You know us by statements like: "If momma ain't happy, nobody's happy. And if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!" We are doers. It tends to be our way or the highway! We tend to be emotionally guarded and experienced by others as controlling and insensitive.

On the adjacent side of the triangle we have a woman wearing a pair of high heels. Heels are unmistakably feminine. Whether classic or trendy, nothing enhances a flowing, quiet and subtly confident demeanor like a pair of pumps. We are open, relatable and accommodating. We are genuinely soft-spoken and rather be taken care of. We prefer the significance that comes with being in relationship with others. Most find us hospitable and concerned about others. We're called the "girly girls." You know, the "pretty in pink" types.

For decades men and women have been sold and bought the idea that these two women are separate-as if they do not live in the same body. Women are forced to choose between either combat boots or heels-to be strong or to be vulnerable. On the one hand, circumstances have compelled her to be strong, fierce and detached. She unrelentingly provides for and protects her family.

On the other hand, her fulfillment and success in intimate relationships depends largely on her vulnerability, emotional accessibility and physical connectedness. Yet, when combined businesses exploiting these differences by playing one against the other have become a multi-billion dollar industry! Today's commercials play to women's strength or vulnerability, but typically not both. These same commercials compete for our consumer dollars. Dividing and conquering each aspect of women has made men and women wealthy. It has also left many of these same men and women emotionally bankrupt and relationally poor.

The landscape of relationships is littered with combat boots, casualties of war and extensive collateral damage. We need only look as far as our own marriages and families. And if this is not enough then consider our churches-both pulpit and pew and our communities. Here, too, we find the devastation left in the wake of women choosing strength over weakness. And who wouldn't?

Please understand, women given to combat boots, can throw on a pair of pumps, high heels and even stilettos, if necessary. But for many of these women it's the game of dress up: playing for pretend, or simply a means to getting that which they desire. These two adjacent sides of the triangle-combat boots and heels, strength and vulnerability are systematically in contention with one another. The hostility between the two is so ingrained in us that we almost always innately choose a side. And in doing so, we fuel conflict both internally and relationally. The mounting heat has been responsible for many a crash and burn. Women that survive can often been heard saying, "I'm tired, I'm just tired!"

Now insert the base of the triangle, which is Jesus Christ: the God Factor. These two forced extremes-combat boots and heels can peacefully co-exist. Consider that God is the foundation of all that is feminine. He designed and built female for combat and connection: not either or, but "AND"! Females are installed with the capacity to compete and connect, to divide and multiply. She is both dangerous and demure. And what if, women and wives, men and husbands no longer had to choose between them, but enjoy both!

Imagine what marriages, families, churches and whole communities would be like if she no longer had to choose between combat boots or heels-she could wear them both ever adjusting to the terrain? Imagine what it would be like, if she did not have to defend and uphold the persona of strength, but rather was free to move seamlessly back and forth across the terrain in strength and vulnerability? Imagine what her freedom might mean to her husband-emotional availability, sexual readiness and a heartfelt desire to honor him. Imagine her children -growing and thriving in an atmosphere of unconditional love, emotional support and tactical guidance.

Kim Moore & Friends believe that in Jesus Christ women no longer have to choose between either combat boots or high heels-combativeness or connectedness. Women are both! You see, my friend, Jesus Christ does away with our human tendency to exploit differences for personal and financial gain. Jesus understood what Kim Moore & Friends now understand: Women were made both strong and vulnerable. Therefore, having to choose between the two is not a real choice. Moreover, to falsely make such a selection, we must extol one and condemn them other. And to reject either is to reject Christ. Kim Moore & Friends offers you the freedom of no longer having to choose! Women are strong and vulnerable, combative and connective! We are dangerous and demure, outspoken and soft-spoken. Today, women can wear combat boots and high heels-because at Kim Moore & Friends, the shoe is all about the terrain!

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