Millenial Women Are The Independent Woman!

Most women of my generation and thereafter have been raised to be independent, self sufficient, and autonomous; not reliant on others for their own happiness, financial stability, & overall needs and wants in life! I have always prided myself on being a strong, intelligent, independent woman. I watched my role model and mentor, my mother, raise her two children alone. From watching her and my other role model/mentors throughout my life I have always been drawn to strong, self-sufficient women. I have always viewed the skills, character, and determination that they have with the deepest admiration and attempted to replicate such qualities in myself.

If you are an Independent Woman, you can't help but be her because that is you! However, you may have noticed that many embrace this woman, while others are threatened or intimidated by her. Such independence can cause challenges in some of our most important relationships; specifically our love relationships. For a woman, we feel it is the highest compliment to tell your mate I don't need you; I WANT you. Yet most men would rather want a woman to NEED him than want him. The situation seems to set us both up for conflict and challenges our core values.

Marvelous Men, we need to find ways for you to embrace the independent woman. Wondrous Women, we must continue to show our Marvelous Men that we can be strong, autonomous, and intelligent. None of those things take away from him and we must assure him we WANT him in our lives. We want your friendship, support, encouragement, and unconditional love. Wondrous Women don't need a man to survive, but rather we want a man, especially one that can be our lover & a friend. We want a man to be by our side and proud of our strong nature, not threatened by our ability to take care of ourselves. When he learns to admire her independence he helps her thrive! Embrace her independence and let her be her; doing so is a win-win situation and a demonstration of a true union and partnership!

Will the men of the millennial and beyond be able to better appreciate the woman who wants you instead of needs you? It really is so much more of a compliment to know that you are involved with another out of desire instead of desperation. Together we should be praising the independent woman for being so capable, driven, and determined. Women and men are now capable of being the driver of their destiny and that is a fact to be proud of!

Amy Lance, Founder, Wondrous Women Worldwide

Article Source: Amy_Lance

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